Intermediate-Advanced Excel Formulas

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This course focuses specifically on some of the more advanced Excel formulas. Learning more formulas is still the quickest way to become even more productive and efficient in Excel.

It is ideal for late intermediates or advanced users who are generally good in Excel but are looking to take their skill-level up a notch or two, and be even more efficient and effective. At this level formulas are about saving time and increasing productivity.
The formulas and Extension Exercises in this course deliberately get quite complex! Even if you’re a accomplished Excel user, we think there is still stuff even you can learn here.

We suggest that you have an intermediate skill level in Excel before taking this course.

Every lesson has:

  • Video walk-through
  • Explanation
  • Notes, hints and tips
  • A practical exercise
  • An extension exercise

Excel Versions
Microsoft Excel is full of amazing features, with new ones being added regularly. However, there are still many thousands of businesses and home environments that have older versions of Excel, and so cannot access these new features. This course has been deliberately created so that you don’t need the latest version in order to be able to complete the course. As long as you have Excel 2007 or newer then you can access all the content on this course, especially the practical exercises.