Online Microsoft Excel Training Courses

Not interested in the standard (boring, run-of-the-mill) general Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Excel courses?
Looking for something a bit different? Something you can actually use for real?!

Excel for Data Analysts Course, advert image

Excel for Data Analysts

Essential Excel for data analysts

Pivot Tables Course, advert image

Pivot Tables

Go from zero to hero with Pivot Tables!

Filtering Course, advert image


Different ways to filter data in Excel.

Averaging Formulas Course, advert image

6 Averaging Formulas

6 essential averaging formulas.

Excel New Formulas Course, advert image

New Excel Formulas (Office365)

Learn the new Excel formulas available in Office365

Excel Formulas Course, Intermediate-Advanced, advert image

Intermediate-Advanced Excel Formulas

At this level formulas are all about saving time and increasing productivity.

Excel Formulas Course, Beginner-Intermediate, advert image

Beginner-Intermediate Excel Formulas

Learning new formulas is the quickest way to become more productive and efficient in Excel.

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The =SUM lesson in the ‘Beginner-Intermediate Excel Formulas course’ is free for you to have a go at:
View the =SUM lesson

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Lesson screenshot showing descriptions of each onscreen section
Lesson screenshot showing descriptions of each onscreen section