New Excel Formulas (Office365)


An ideal course for people wanting to learn the new Excel formulas released for Office365 users.



In 2019 Microsoft released a series of new formulas, available to anyone who has Excel within Office365 (or Excel on the Web). This course focuses on these new formulas.

It is ideal for people who want to keep up to date with the latest offerings from Microsoft.
As we are add more lessons to this course the price will go up. Once you buy, you will get access to all new lessons added for free, so there’s no need to wait to sign-up!

Each lesson has:

  • Video walk-through
  • Explanation
  • Notes, hints and tips
  • A practical exercise
  • An extension exercise

You will need Office365 or access to Excel on the Web in order to complete the Practical Exercises and Extension Exercises in this course.